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If You’ve Been Diagnosed with Hypothyroidism?

Statistics show that 90% of women diagnosed with a low functioning thyroid or hypothyroidism have an autoimmune condition called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.  Women need to ask their doctor to have a simple blood test to check for antibodies against their own thyroid tissue.  Unfortunately, most doctors don’t check this because they really don’t have a treatment for it.  Instead, they will just prescribe a thyroid prescription which will return blood values of TSH and T4 back to normal but do nothing for the autoimmune process itself which is what is causing the thyroid to produce less thyroid hormone.  You need to ask  yourself why your thyroid became hypoactive.  If the immune process is left unchecked it will continue to destroy the thyroid resulting in an increase in thyroid medication but more important is the possibility of autoimmune attacks against other tissue in the body. Check out this video on youtube.