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We have all been told that fish oil is good for your health.  This is now been proven wrong because it’s based on incomplete and flawed science.

Fish oil consists only of an inferior and potentially harmful for of Omega-3s called “derivatives.”  Omega-3 derivatives are NOT essential EFAs.

There are two essential fatty acids that must be ingested each day – Omega-6 and Omega-3.  The parent form of these EFAs can not be manufactured by your body.

Most supplement manufacturers and even nutritionists do not understand the importance of Parent EFAs.

Biological pathways clearly show that your body makes derivatives from the Parent as needed by the body.

Early literature on EFAs often overlooked this important and cricital fact.  While fish oil has many advocates, real-life clinical results prove that patients show marked improvements when they change their daily EFA supplementation from fish oil (Omega-3 derivatives) to a complete and biochemically correct blend of Parent Essential Oils (PEOs).

The proper combination of Parent Omega-6 and Parent Omega-3 is so far superior to fish oil and other EFA supplements, that it completely replaces everything else.

Reported in 2009 & 2008:

  • Fish oil Does Not Stop heart attacks
  • No benefits to taking fish oil supplements
  • Parent Omega-6 has powerful anti-inflammatory properties…
  • Body uses mostly Parent EFAs, then converts derivatives as needed.

The American Heart Association clearly states:

  • The need for Anti-inflammatory Parent Omega-6 in your diet.
  • Parent Omega-3, NOT fish oil, lowers risk of heart attack.
  • Reducing Omega-6 intake is more likely to increase risk for Chronic Heart Disease
YES Ultimate EFAs

YES Ultimate EFAs

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