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What Makes Solutions4’s Whey Protein So Special!

solutions4shakeWhey is one of two major components in milk.  When making cheese, whey is the liquid portion of the milk that separates from the curds.  Because it has a strong amino acid profile and can be easily absorbed, it is arguably the best way to supplement with protein.  Protein has been shown to support fat burning, improve insulin sensitivity, help regulate the appetite, and so much more!

Whey protein is made by pushing the liquid portion of milk through a filter.  The material left behind is dried and forms whey protein concentrate.  Further cold processing creates whey isolate.  As whey concentrate is purified into whey isolate, some components can lose their biologic activity if harsh chemicals or heat are used.  We avoid these processing methods and instead use a microfiltration technique that, while more expensive, yields a whey isolate with more bioacctive peptides.  This preserves the integrity of the whey and ensures bioavailability.

The Solutions4 Nutritional Shake contains a blend of both whey isolate and whey concentrate.  Whey concentrate retains the highest portion of biologically active peptides (which are released more slowly in the digestive system), while isolate provides a more potent source of amino acids (which enter the blood stream rapidily).  The ideal approach for protein supplementation is to provide a blend of these two gently produced whey forms.

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