Olson Chiropractic Center


909 Broadway #10
  Yankton, SD 57078
The Vibracussor delivers waves of percussive impulses deep into the tissues of the body. These percussion waves promote an increase in circulation and lymphatic flow and a decrease in muscle spasm. Additionally, these waves heighten neurological awareness of specific areas of the body and facilitate energetic normalization and unlike a vibrator the repetitive pumping action of the Vibracussor is ideal for releasing joints. The power of multiple percussive waves accumulates to loosen up 'stuck' areas without using heavy thrusting forces. The vibracussor can also be used to gently change the flexibility of shortened ligaments. This can help increase limited ranges of motion and improve postural distortions. Restrictions of the back, shoulder, hip, and knee joints can be treated successfully with minimal discomfort.
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