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No-Needle Microlight Acupuncture (Microlight Therapy)

A Safe, Effective Alternative to Needles

Get all the benefits of traditional acupuncture without the worry of needles. This is a great alternative for those wanting to receive all the benefits of traditional acupuncture without having to worry about the risk of being stuck with needles including painful insertion, broken needles, skin infections, bleeding and other inherit disadvantages of needle acupuncture.

Why Microlight Acupuncture is Better!

Choosing which points to treat is just one of things that must be considered when delivering acupuncture. Other variables that must be considered when stimulating a acupuncture point include intensity, polarity, frequency, wave modulation and duration of treatment. All of these variables can be modulated through microlight therapy providing the safest and most effective acupuncture treatment possible. Adding color stimulation to the acupuncture points enhances the therapeutic value.

How Do We Know What Points To Treat

Many practitioners unfortunately use what is called "cook book" placement of acupuncture needles. Look in a book for low back pain and treat the points listed. We know better. By measuring electroresistance at certain diagnostic points(electromeridian imaging) utilizing the Acutron Mentor, we can provide personalized whole body treatment plans that treat the 'root' of the problem and produce amazing results. No "Cook Book" treatment plans here.
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